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Point of Views & White Papers

At Deblankson we strive to give participants in the industry useful material to help them understand latest topics, trends, risk and regulatory requirements. To this end please enjoy our point of views and white papers and please feel free to pass them on to interested friends and colleagues

April 2009

Current trends and Challenges for IT internal Audit

In Focus

Financial Regulatory Reform: The Fundamentals – A guide to understanding the proposals presented by the Obama Administration to reform regulation of the financial services industry in the U.S. and the impact that these proposals will have on the industry.

IFRS – An Overview of the International Financial Reporting Standards, the key differences with the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and its impact on organizations today from a business, financial and technology perspective.

IT Internal Audit – This white paper highlights some leading edge observations on current trends and challenges facing the IT internal audit landscape.

Program Management – Learn more about Deblankson’s approach to program management.