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IA Full Outsourcing

The internal audit requirements of each organization are unique. As a result of demand for a high-level of service, expertise, and cost efficiencies organizations may prefer to have Deblankson meet all of their internal audit needs under a continuous, full-service outsourcing arrangement. Under this arrangement, Deblankson will report to the Audit Committee and a corporate officer in order to assure the appropriate level of objectivity and independence. Our professionals have assisted organizations using this approach, each one tailored to meet the client's specific needs and requirements.

Deblankson’s internal audit methodology can be used completely or in combination with the client's existing methodology as the framework to develop, execute and track a risk based internal audit plan. The plan will assist the client in managing process and technology risks and smoothly integrating technology within critical business processes. These services will aid management to better understand and monitor the performance of critical operations and support functions as well as ensure the adequate levels of controls.

Deblankson’s internal audit outsourcing services provide the following advantages:

  • It allows management to concentrate on strategic initiatives, improving resource utilization
  • It eliminates the time and cost associated with sourcing, hiring, training, and retaining skilled personnel in non-core competency areas
  • It provides our clients with assurance to external parties and compliance with applicable laws and Regulations
  • It provides independent process and IT internal audit sourcing capabilities using industry leading practices
  • It provides deep technical and analytical skills related to core process and related control assessments
  • It can often provide clients with opportunities to reduce overhead costs

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